Holographic Warranty Labels with Custom Logo

Holographic Warranty Labels with Custom Logo
Holographic Warranty Labels with Custom Logo
Product Description
Warranty Void Secure Label Design
  • Warranty Void If Seal Broken
  •  Protect your company by protecting your warranty system. Add these destructible 3D Warranty labels to any vulnerable location in your machinery,equipment,Boxes.
  • Materials designed to break apart to show evidence of tampering by text "void" after it is fully adhered to an object.
  • These labels are made from destructible Polyester Film.
  • Write on this  label material using a pencil, laser printer or ball-point pen.
  • Print is not protected due to the fact that these labels are not designed to withstand heavy abrasion.
  • Labels can be screen printed for extra durability.
  • Holographic security stickers 12.5mm x 12.5mm Round
  • Printed "Warranty void if seal broken" when applied and if tampered with they reveal the word VOID.
  • We have in Warranty Void Series-5 different Patterns-available in silver,Transparent,gold colors
  • Can be over printed in black or laser etched with extra information for extra security.
  • These are the better type sticker which leaves most of the foil behind on tampering.
  • Hologram peel and stick labels
  • Stock design-warranty
  • Void if removed in back ground
  • Tamper evident to reveal-void
  • Standard size 12mm in round /15mm in square
  • 8 color including window metalized and clear available minimum order 1000 pcs.
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